“A true radical makes nothing.” Rindon Johnson shares poetry from new book Shade the King

, 24 October 2017

Why do we kill bees if we are so interested in honey?
(Can you read me?)


Rindon Johnson ‘Shade the King’ (2017) Book cover. Courtesy the author, Ser Serpas + Capricious, New York.

The only problem with traveling is that I’ll never know when I’ll shit.
Calm me down a little.
You don’t need a belt and suspenders if you’re wearing a dress.
I get my feelings hurt everyday.
I sent this to myself.
(I told you those dogs are black.)
Let us suppose you are sliding naked down a banister and suddenly that banister becomes a razor blade.
Did I wipe you.
What doesn’t a void promise?
Sucks that to get to the promised land you have to close your eyes.
A true radical makes nothing.
I am tired of reading.





The most vulnerable animals are the most aware.





On Winning (For David)

They do shoot us like dogs so we win them gold medals.

Rindon Johnson ‘Shade the King’ (2017) Page from book. Courtesy the author, illustrator Ser Serpas + Capricious, New York.




This is a Crooked Tree (for J)

Let’s just come down here in this bottom.
What’s a fear that you have, I’m talking childhood but more ancient. Everyone knew the words to a song I’d never heard before. As long as you keep it cold, everybody wants them. I don’t want to hear about it. I don’t want to know about it. Are you hungry, have you eaten? Are you texting with your lover? No wonder your appetite is jumbled. Ok let me clean off the old knife. I didn’t see it but earlier he texted me about Sunday and he said I hope to see you then, I have been thinking about you all day. I am the couch. So we’re not going to use the green on these trees? He is obsessed with putting trees where they don’t belong.





Ser Serpas illustration for Rindon Johnson’s ‘Shade the King’ (2017) Courtesy the artists + Capricous, New York.

Excerpts from Rindon Johnson‘s recently published poetry publication Shade the King via New York’s Capricious publishing which launched at the New York Book Fair in September, 2017, with illustration by Ser Serpas

Rindon Johnson is a multidisciplinary artist and writer who recently published Nobody Sleeps Better Than White People via Inpatient Press and virtual reality book Meet in the Corner via Publishing-House.Me.