“I know the world’s ending.” Christos imagines the liberation army of late stage destructive capitalism in the ‘Forever No’ music video

, 13 October 2017

Christos releases debut single ‘Forever No,’ a track of personal lyrics laced with the political metaphor of what he calls “this very late stage of destructive capitalism.” Premiering the accompanying video on AQNB, the Athens-born, London-based artist presents a black and red-themed liberation army set to the scenic backdrop of the Mexican coast. 

Christos, ‘Forever No’ (2017). Video still. Courtesy the artist.

The pared down beats and hi-hats of bass music and electronica support the ‘Forever No’ video, shot in an abandoned replica of the Greek Parthenon, originally built as a luxurious mansion by a local narco in the 80s. Languid ambience is matched by the sultry posing of a crew of Christos’ Mexico City friends, affectionately referred to as his ‘rebel squad,’ including Guillermo Martinez de Velasco, Layla Joon, Aureliano Alvarado and others.

The pitched, mumbled lyrics conflate notions of fear and love with the Greek referendum of 2015, which saw the country ultimately rejecting the European Commission’s bailout conditions for its government-debt crisis. “‘Forever No’ is about not letting people take your livelihood away from you, and realising you have a voice that matters, and standing your ground,” writes Christos of the song’s themes. “[It’s about] defending yourself against evil and not forgetting your principles.”

Christos, ‘Forever No’ (2017). Video still. Courtesy the artist.

As an audiovisual project, the imagery of corruption in decay, as well as nods to the underground art world’s soft power expansion into places like Mexico and Greece, express the defiance of these red-starred uniforms worn by the inhabitants of these ’emergent’ creative hubs: “the aesthetic is a direct reference to the militant movements of the 20th century, and all the intertwined histories of socialism and resistance.”**

Christos self-released ‘Forever No’ on October 13, 2017.