A rock, nu-metal + cult disco past into the beat-bereft dance music ’BIITSI’S AFFECTIONATE SAMPLER FOR AQNB’

, 22 September 2017

This week Helsinki-based production duo Biitsi premiered their ‘WFT (We Feel This)’ music video, directed by Olli Leppänen,on AQNB. The film is an eerie rendering of Heidi M Wee and Kimmo Modig‘s decades-long relationship and developing musical collaboration, in the couple sharing body parts and jointly making a smoothie to the spectral undulations of the song. Titled ‘We Feel Trance’ in their live folder, that track is less about the 90s electronic music genre and more the freaky hypnosis of an altered state of consciousness. For their follow-up mix, however, the references to melodic phrases and ecstatic buildups are more present.

’BIITSI’S AFFECTIONATE SAMPLER FOR AQNB’ is a 10-minute selection of Biitsi works-in-progress, where a droning cosmic opener carries into degraded microtonal melodies and an epic synth line. Less beat-oriented but still echoing with the residue of a dance music awareness, the mix draws from the broad cross-disciplinary portfolio of Wee and Modig, which includes their formative musical years in rock and nu-metal bands. There are instrumentals taken from a live performance-reading with writer Nora Khan in August, as well as what Biitsi call a “messy version” of the aforementioned ‘WFT’ track. The accompanying artwork is a photo of a Fiorucci handbag found at Modig’s bag-maker parents’ house: “It felt so surprising to find this cult disco-era item from their back room and felt perfect for this mix.”**

Biitsi is performing at Turku’s XS Festival on November 25, 2017.