Bring your own bus stop: Connecting the energies of secret institutions in Carl Palm’s Bacon on the Roof at HEKLA, Sep 8

, 8 September 2017

Carl Palm is presenting solo exhibition Bacon on the Roof at Brussels’ HEKLA, opening September 8.

The press release for the show includes a lengthy text by Lars-Erik Hjertström Lappalainen, contemplating the Stockholm and London-based artist’s work around the concept of the institution as something both widely public and deeply personal: “It seems to me as if Carl Palm has been interested in a kind of unofficial institution, recurring situations that may appear to be unorganized, unexpected opportunities without rules and open to creativity.” 

It then goes on to refer to the secret actions of sex tools, the ritual of waiting at the bus stop and the contextual shifts of routines and observances by writer Virginia Woolf, before and after WWI, to speculate on the shifting energies of mobile institutions and their revolutionary potential: “small and scattered communities which can be entirely separate but still belong together, not through the networks, but by virtue of the energy and its quality, analogously to the murmur.”

See the FB event page for details.**

Carl Palm, ‘Toalla’ (2015). Detail. Photo by Lorena Ancona. Courtesy Parallel Oaxaca.