An ethics of discussing objects + politics in Sophie Jung’s It’s Not What It Looks Like at Vienna’s Sophie Tappeiner, Sep 8 – Oct 14

, 5 September 2017

Sophie Jung is presenting solo exhibition It’s Not What It Looks Like at Vienna’s Sophie Tappeiner, opening September 8 and running to October 14.

The press release for the show — which includes a number of a performances, the dates of which are yet to be announced — comes accompanied by a text describing the practice of the writer and performance artist as one predicated on instability and uncertainty. As Paul Clinton writes in his essay ‘All Tension No Release,’ Jung, “repeatedly shuffles her observations in the same way she arranges and rearranges the objects that she discusses and displays, and their form is always contingent and provisional.” 

That goes some way in illustrating what to expect in the London-based artist’s work, that the associate editor of Frieze magazine goes on to describe as offering “an ethics of discussing objects and politics in which the speaker does not assume a position of authority ‘about’ or ‘on’ anything.”**

See the Sophie Tappeiner website for details.**