Exhuming + excavating the Infinite Mine remix EP by N-A-R-C, featuring Mobilegirl + more, ahead of their upcoming album release

, 1 September 2017

Infinite Mine is an album about intimacy and the exploration of relationships, both to oneself and to others. To infinitely mine is the process of digging to one’s core, drilling for something valuable in the hopes of extracting something of worth,” says multimedia artist Pepi Ginsberg, one half of N-A-R-C, along with producer/composer Martin Crane, who are today releasing the Infinite Mine Remix EP via their own Inscape Records, ahead of the LP release on September 15 .

Courtesy N-A-R-C. Photo: Josefine Seifert

The EP features three of their recent singles, re-worked and brought into new light through collaboration with four great producers: ‘Watch Her Dance’ by Mobilegirl and Sporting Life, ‘Game Bae’ by Kassett and ‘Faded’ care of Lockbox.

The New York-based duo, named after Ginsberg’s NewAgeRealChange handle, started working together in film before realising their collaborative crossover with the N-A-R-C music video ‘Watch Her Dance,’ starring Cheeky Ma. Debuting their exploration into the art-pop genre, the EP dissects intimacy, sexuality, power and love through the lens of fluidity and complexity. Embodying the changing nature of personhood, the tracks have been described as “hi-fi, emotionally raw, and sonically dexterous.”**

N-A-R-C’s Infinite Mine album is out via Inscape Records on September 15, 2017.

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