Physical + mental ailments + the disease of the artist herself in Lauryn Youden’s ‘Kunstsommer Detox’ for Sacred Serpent Sessions, Sep 1

, 30 August 2017

Lauryn Youden is presenting Kunstsommer Detox at Frankfurt’s Meridian Spa Skyline Plaza on September 1.

Hosted by online Magazine Reflektor M (edited by María Inés Plaza), the event is part of Sacred Serpent Sessions; a series of performances and other events focused on healing. Sessions have included meditation, workshops, film screenings, CBT therapy, sound healing and alchemy, among other things.

Youden is a Canadian Berlin-based artist and co-director of Ashley Berlin who was a awarded the Berlin Art Prize, along with Stine Marie Jacobsen and Benedikt Partenheimer in 2016. Her session will explore “physical and mental ailments and disease of the artist herself and all participants.”

Visit the FB event page for details.**