Mystery-producer Julien premiere’s an unholy union of demons + distortion with ‘Highest Point’ via Tobago Tracks

, 25 August 2017

Julien is dropping No Renaissance via Tobago Tracks on September 1. In advance of the Denver-based producer’s debut release on the London-based label, AQNB here premieres ‘Highest Point,’ which the press release describes as “a sonic interpretation of the ouroboros; ceaseless, fascinating and grim.”

As part of a growing catalogue of next-level intensity by the new and enigmatic artist, ‘Highest Point’ presents unrelenting, rapid and beat-skipping contortions with cut-up samples reminiscent of footwork. The single builds on Julien’s expanding cross-genre oeuvre — drawing from gabber, trance, jungle — and foreruns the upcoming release of the second half of the No Renaissance two-track release ‘Snowblind,’ with its rumbling, industrial breakcore rhythm. 

There isn’t much by way of a biography on Julien, except a declared affinity for “demonic and grotesque imagery,” which here is compared to their taste in music. **

Julien’s No Renaissance release is coming out via London-based label Tobago Tracks on September 1, 2017.