Into the space of unknowing with the half-truths of A Shooting Star is Not a Star at New York’s Motel, Aug 12 – Sep 16

, 8 August 2017

The A Shooting Star is Not a Star group exhibition is on at New York’s Motel, opening August 12 and running to September 16.

Organized by Roberta Pelan, the show features Aline Bouvy, Weston Lowe, Raque Ford, Tom Forkin and Veronika Pausova. The press release contextualizes the work within the world of linguistics and the elaborate manipulation of ones own vocabulary to avoid telling a lie. 
The concept is used to explore “the comfort of half-truths, [that are] ambiguous and noncommittal,” as a way to validate alternative ideologies and belief systems, looking to the Geocentric model and its inevitable navigational errors and stubborn denials to respond to the space of ‘unknowing.’

Visit the Motel website for details. **

Aline Bouvy, ‘Not much in my pockets’ (2015) Install view. Courtesy Exo, Paris.