Lucie Stahl presents her seductive compositions of pop clichés + cultural markers at End of Tales, Jul 30 -Sep 2

, 28 July 2017

Lucie Stahl is presenting solo exhibition End of Tales at Los Angeles’ Freedman Fitzpatrick, opening July 30 and running to September 2.

The Berlin- and Los Angeles artist is known for combining humour and social commentary in seductive photography, prints and objects via popular clichés and cultural markers. From earlier works taking everyday objects, scanning and then blowing them up to poster size for her 2008 Stuff exhibition to a more recent Stag Nation show at Brussels’ dépendance this year, the artist’s concerns conflate the menace of consumerism with the perils of patriotism.

There is no information on the themes of the new show at Freedman Fitzpatrick but could build on Stahl’s interests in the realities and fictions of national identity.

See the Freedman Fitzpatrick website for details.**

Lucie Stahl, ‘Identity’ (2017). Courtesy the artist.