Emma Hedditch explores the cooperative method for artists an institutions in ‘Public Meeting’ at The Showroom, Jul 26

, 24 July 2017

The ‘Public Meeting: Cooperatives and their potential for artists and art institutions’ event is on at London’s The Showroom on July 26.

Emma Hedditch, an artist researching cooperative work and organisations who’s practice “focuses on daily practice, materiality, and distribution of knowledge as political action,” will share her research into this area and open up the discussion to the audience in exploring skills and other training needed to create and live in cooperative structures.

Looking closely at “how these methodologies can be brought into a context of artistic production,” the New York-based artist often works with other groups like feminist film and video distributor Cinenova.

The cooperative method is “an act of resistance towards current forms of investor owned, corporate, for-profit business models that dominate most areas of life, including artistic practices and institutions” and will be explored in depth through conversation and sharing.

Visit the Showroom website for details.**

Emma Hedditch, Claim a hand in the field that makes this form foam (2014) Installation view. Courtesy the artist + Norwich Outpost.