Flights of fancy in Hrefna Hörn Leifsdóttir’s Single Slap at LA’s Galerie La Croix, June 3 -5

, 3 June 2017

Hrefna Hörn Leifsdóttir is presenting Single Slap at Los Angeles’ Galerie La Croix, opening June 3 and running by appointment to June 5.

Featuring video installation and sculpture, the show builds on the previous Amazonian All-Day, presented in the same ArtCenter building, referencing Tekken computer game character and Irish professional killer Nina Williams.

The theme of fantasy role play, Single Slap explores the people, their idealisation and the ultimate disappointment of those ideals not being met:

“She did not have those nails no, they are my invention. If she would have had them they would have been hidden, tugged into her high leather gloves. She was all tugged in you see, even her neck. She had one of those faces I did not start to recognise until I moved to California. One of those emotionless faces that are frozen in time, when you have to do the work yourself of interpreting emotions. Look away and place them in yourself.” 

See the FB event page for details.**

Hrefna Hörn Leifsdóttir, Amazonian All-Day (2017). Installation view. Courtesy the artist.