Loiter inside the game: OMSK Social Club presents Deep Intimacy at Gold and Beton, Jun 2 – 25

, 30 May 2017

OMSK Social Club presents Deep Intimacy at Cologne’s Gold and Beton, opening June 3 and running to June 25.

Curated by Meryem Erkus, the event asks “Can you Deep Learn Desire?” The press release uses the metaphor of a leech appropriating human life to stay alive where we “enter into another mode of existence.” 

The exhibition is formulated around a game played over digital and live platforms in October and ending in February, where digital dialogue on FB messenger which became the trace element which will be re-enacted live for the show. The audience will be asked to ‘loiter inside the game’ and eavesdrop on the 28 minute archival audio work.**