Escaping capture in the untranslatable of the Ungestalt group show at Kunsthalle Basel, May 18 – Aug 13

, 16 May 2017

The Ungestalt group exhibition is on at Kunsthalle Basel, running May 18 and to August 13. 

The show will feature work by a large number of artists, including Olga Balema, Pakui HardwareLiz Magor and Lucie Stahl among others. The title is defined in the press release as a somewhat untranslatable German term that is “not exactly formless or amorphous, nevertheless describes something that struggles against delineation, against clearly defined form, indeed against the wholeness…”

Bringing together artists from international backgrounds and across generations and mediums, the work will occupy five ground floor galleries and explore this term as it itself ‘escapes capture.’

See the Kunsthalle Basel website for details.**