Petra Cortright breaks down + reintegrates the internet in RUNNING NEO-GEO GAMES UNDER MAME at City Gallery Wellington, Apr 8 – Aug 13

, 6 April 2017

Petra Cortright is presenting solo exhibition RUNNING NEO-GEO GAMES UNDER MAME at City Gallery Wellington in New Zealand, opening April 8 and running to August 13.

The show runs in partnership with Melbourne’s Tristian Koenig gallery, where the LA-based artist previously showed a new body of digital paintings made from online sourced images and software manipulation.

The installation presents a combination of video paintings, webcam performances and paintings on linen and paper. Mainly taken from Google and Pinterest, the “colours, patterns, and skin tones are broken down and reintegrated” into new fluid abstract works that morph and layer.

See the City Gallery Wellington website for details.**

Petra Cortright, Autumn Forest-with_painted_background (2017). Courtesy the artist + City Gallery Wellington.