The intersection of archeology + politics in Michal Baror + Patrick Hough’sThe Bureau of Authentication in London, Apr 4 – May 20

, 3 April 2017

Michal Baror + Patrick Hough‘s The Bureau of Authentication joint exhibition is on at London’s Narrative Projects, opening April 4 and running to May 20.

The show is a collaborative project between the two artists that includes a performance to take place on the opening night, and an installation of video and photography.

The premise of the show, produced during Tel Aviv’s ArtPort residency project, is the result of a “two-month period of intensive research around the intersection of archaeology and politics in the region of Israel/Palestine.”

Looking at the antiquities trade in Israel (which is illegal), the works trace “back to the British Mandate period when Palestine formed part of British Empire” through these objects.

See the Narrative Projects website for details.**