Joy, pain + humour in the hidden histories of Genius Treasure Collection at Lima Zulu, Mar 23 – 26

, 20 March 2017

Genius Treasure Collection presents its debut collection at London’s Lima Zulu, opening March 23 and running to March 26.

The GTC has been gathering “objects/artworks often saved from becoming part of the nations waste” and posting pictures of their finds on Facebook and Instagram since February, and will now be showing them in an exhibition to bring together stories of “joy, pain, and humour”.

In hopes of one day becoming a museum, GTC says they are drawn to these lost treasures made by unknown artists, both for their ability to “make you smile,” as well as being the creations of “people whoever they may be and for what reasons unknown and not outsider objects, a term that relies on an assumption that certain ideologies and practices have inclusivity/exclusivity.”

See the FB event page for details.**

Artist unknown. Courtesy Genius Treasure Collection (2017).