Blind faith + dystopian fantasies: Chris Calderwood’s CRYONIX Life Extension Foundation extended to Mar 19

, 13 March 2017

Chris Calderwood‘s solo exhibition CRYONIX Life Extension Foundation at London’s The Residence Gallery opened January 21 and has been extended to March 19.

The site-specific installation features a “decaying cryogenic freezing company where people sit dead on ice, hoping to be woken in the future.” Using audio, computer graphics and sculpture, the sci-fi scenario exists in both dystopia and fantasy, where technology offers up alternative solutions to life. Through the aesthetics of fan culture and nerd enthusiasm, the London-based artist explores a “faithful devotion to technology.”

Founded in 2005, The Residence Gallery features both represented and emerging artists, and is run by Ingrid Eva Lee Welsh.

See The Residence Gallery website for details.** 

Chris Calderwood, CRYONIX Life Extension Foundation’, (2017). Installation view. Courtesy the artist + The Residence Gallery, London.