Ilona Sagar @ The Performance Studio, Oct 26

, 25 October 2016

Ilona Sagar is presenting two performances ‘The Curl Of Their Acetone Tongue’ and ‘Prosodic Breakers’ at London’s The Performance Studio on October 26.

‘The Curl Of Their Acetone Tongue’, which was previously devised for STO Werkstatt, has been re-worked into a new performance for the evening. Along with this will be a brand new work ‘Prosodic Breakers’ that uses “speech patterns, gestures and the body movement of a group of performers as an interface to examine our multi-faceted relationship to the divergent ideologies surrounding health and personal wellbeing.”

Sagar works across a variety of media in performance, film and assemblage to explore the mechanics of speech, and the phonology of voice and language.

See The Performance Studio for details.**