Martina Kocmanová @ Country Bumpkin, Oct 20 – Nov 4

, 20 October 2016

Martina Kocmanová is presenting solo exhibition Hacienda Palimpsest at Portland’s Country Bumpkin (7604 SE Washington St), opening October 20 and running to November 4.

Organised by Joaquin Dollar‘s nomadic curatorial project, the exhibition will feature new work by the Vancouver-based artist. The press release reveals little about what is to be expected, except a narrative paragraph acting as a clue to the premise of the show:

“…the guest left exasperated, and the sorry cuisinart began to wheeze alone. The hackneyed barrage of material left askew by the guests of the Hacienda was not unfamiliar to the attending staff. In their eyes it was merely a détournement, for eventually all that was cobbled together by the unyielding guests made its way to the basement of the Hacienda Palimpsest…” 

Kocmanová is co-founder of alternative studio Ateliér bez vedoucího along with Komixxx.

See the FB event page for details.**

bonsai tree beautiful
Image courtesy Country Bumpkin