Darja Bajagić @ Carlos/Ishikawa, Sep 21 – Oct 29

, 22 September 2016

Darja Bajagić is presenting solo exhibition Nobody Knows I’m Funny at London’s Carlos/Ishikawa, opening September 21 and running to October 29.

There is no information regarding the the themes of the exhibition but for a typically tongue-in-cheek title referring to a droll sense of humour that has followed the Balkan-born US-based artist from her early explorations into pornographic images of Eastern European women returning the gaze in collages and videos like the ‘Tanya versus Irena’ (2014) work below and her modestly followed but also darkly funny Twitter account DBNasty @twotatme.

The artist was interviewed early on by aqnb, where she discussed the de-sexualisation of the of the image and the female body, and her ambivalent relationship with the exclusionary, male-dominated space of mainstream porn.

See the Carlos/Ishikawa website for more details.**