Gian Manik @ Fort Delta, Sep 15 – Oct 15

, 14 September 2016

Gian Manik is presenting solo exhibition Leather Seats at Melbourne’s Fort Delta, opening on September 15 and running to October 15.

The show, which is comprised of gestural, colour-oriented paintings examines a specific symbol in our daily lives: “the imprint of human weight left on seating after the occupant has vacated their post. Arse prints on leather seats.”

Exploring human presence and the notion of transience, Manik uses cues from photographs a friend had taken and sent him, developing the concept into oil paintings that deal with moments of anxiety and exaggeration. The exhibition will be shown in conjunction with Stephen Gibeltt’s Other Paintings.

See the Fort Delta website for details.**

Gian Manik, 'Untitled' (2015). Oil on linen. Courtesy the artist+ Photography Christo Crocker
Gian Manik, ‘Untitled’ (2015). Oil on linen. Courtesy the artist + Photography Christo Crocker