Mark Delong @ Cooper Cole, Aug 4 – Sep 3

, 4 August 2016

Mark Delong presents solo exhibition Seven Shades of Sugar at Toronto’s Cooper Cole, opening August 4 and running to September 3.

The Vancouver-based artist is self-taught, working in a variety of media including but not limited to sculpture, drawing, painting, and sequential art. He often works with needlepoint and discarded cardboard material, typically food packaging items to make sculptures that merge the visual language of folk art and western life. The advertising and labeling often get lost as they become colorful components, making up visually striking sculptures and paintings that are singular in style and form.

While the work tends to speak loudly, the press release is skint in word count. Offering poetic fragments or clues such as “there are seven shades of sugar in Heaven and rivers of vinegar in hell” and “we are Western Chicken, living vicariously by the sea”.

See the Cooper Cole Gallery website for more details.**

Mark Delong @ Cooper Cole, Aug 4

Mark Delong ‘I Love Making Food For Mark’ (2015). Cardboard, fabric, thread and tape on shoe. Courtesy the artist and Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto.