R.Lord @ The Composing Rooms, May 28 – Jul 16

, 27 May 2016

R.Lord is presenting solo exhibition Safeword at Berlin’s The Composing Rooms, opening May 28 and running to July 16.

For the LA-based artist’s first solo exhibition outside of the Californian city, Lord will be presenting a series of charcoal and gesso works applied directly to unprimed canvas. With titles like ‘Quarantine: Earth and The Politician’, the pieces resembling “left-field cartoon panels” will draw on conspiracy theories and occult symbols, systems of belief, in an approach that exists somewhere between painting and drawing.

Unlike Lord’s earlier work —like the Angry Bird Paintings series or Documental exhibition at Dem Passwords —that painstakingly translates digital images to canvas, this new approach for Safeworld is “devoid of traditional painting methods; of perspective, vanishing point, colour and texture”.

In perhaps a sly nudge to the popular pulp erotic fiction novel, Lord says about the exhibition to come, “I am attempting to paint the innumerable shades of grey between the poles of spiritual and scientific discourse, a grey area oft labeled ‘conspiracy’.”

See the FB event page for details.**

Rachel Lord, 'Stock Certificate' (2014). Image courtesy the artist.
Rachel Lord, ‘Stock Certificate’ (2014). Image courtesy the artist.