John Lawrence + Zoe Williams @ Project Number, May 27 – Jun 19

, 25 May 2016

London-based artist John Lawrence is presenting solo show, Sickly Revelations* at Project Number (Pro Numb), opening May 27 and running June 19.

The project takes the form of an installation in a gallery space, where visitor experience is crucial to the investigation into individual movement within systems defined by mediation and mediating technology.

The work starts with feelings around TV and home cinema, and somewhat echoes a text Lawrence includes on his website ( about crying at TV and mediated or fictional storylines. From there it expands into objects, 3D prints, sound designed by Mark Good and a gallery text commissioned for Pro Numb by Dr Cadence Kinsey.

Also commissioned by director Chris Rawcliffe is a light box called ‘Chateaux Double Wide series (Chamber Aide)’ by artist Zoe Williams, which, as usual for the North London space, will launch and be lit for the duration of Lawrence’s show inside.

See the Project Number website for more details.**