Mark Leckey @ Sant’Andrea de Scaphis, May 25 – Jul 30

, 23 May 2016

Mark Leckey is presenting solo exhibition UNIADDDUMTHS at Rome’s Sant’Andrea de Scaphis, opening May 25 and running July 30.

The British artist presented this show recently in March at Kunsthalle Basel, which saw a re-digitalisation of objects and sculptures that Leckey had previously brought to physical life from images in files he collected from the internet. There were things ranging from a Louise Bourgeois sculpture to an Egyptian mummified cat, in an exhibition part-curated and part-created called The Universal Addressability of Dumb Things. 

UNIADDDUMTHS is then a rendering back into what could be the file name for each word from the original title (i.e. jpeg) and it also kind of sounds like a smth, short for ‘something’.

It will be interesting to see if the works in the show in Rome will transform somehow from March’s version.

See the Sant’Andrea de Scaphis exhibition page for (limited) details.**