glitch @ peripheral forms, launches May 23

, 23 May 2016

The glitch group exhibition is launching online at peripheral forms on May 23 to continue indefinitely.

Glitch, whose true title aqnb‘s website cannot technically support, revisits the 90s ‘aesthetic of failure’ at a time where online art and its discourse is now locked into metaphors of fluidity and withdrawal. The show will feature 35 artists in total, including the likes of Beau Torres, Sevgi Tan and Paul Botelho.

Is a glitch now a new way of striving towards the ‘real’ of the digital? The show looks to unpack its place now as something that can be looked at not only as an image of distortion but also from the point of view that the anonymous artist collective call the “machinic gaze of its cyborg observers”.

Already on the glitch part of the site are boxes of content that overlap and disappear, occasionally telling you something about fragments of memory and introducing new names of artists involved.

See the FB event page for details.**

Screen shot from Glitch site (2016). Courtesy the artists + peripheral-forms.
Screen shot from glitch site (2016). Courtesy the artists + peripheral-forms.