Damiano Dentice’s ‘FATAL ATTRAKTION’ now online

, 23 May 2016

Sydney-based Damiano Dentice‘s new feature length film, ‘FATAL ATTRAKTION’ is now online.

Embedded on a dedicated website, the 1-hour and 35-minute-long work portrays a story of a girl named Sophia, whose position in each relationship featured in the film is challenged as she is confronted with expectations about the girlfriend, daughter or friend she is meant to be.

Stereotypes are scripted and played out emphatically and the work as a whole looks into the way we curate the image of ourselves that we want to express. Dentice also employs a kind of branding system throughout, whereby the characters can be immediately recognised by the food they eat, or the clothes that the camera pans over, before revealing exactly who is about to be in the scene.

‘FATAL ATTRAKTION’, like all of the information and writing that surrounds Dentice, is concerned with  the breaking down of cinema and the popular mediation of gender identity.

See the FATAL ATTRAKTION website for more info.**

Damiano Dentice, 'FATAL ATTRAKTION' (2016) film still. Courtesy the artist
Damiano Dentice, ‘FATAL ATTRAKTION’ (2016) film still. Courtesy the artist