Love Me Tinder @ Galerie du Crous, May 18

, 17 May 2016

The Love Me Tinder group exhibition is on at Paris’ Galerie du Crous, opening May 18.

Featuring the works of several current Paris College of Art students, Tino Chiang, Liza Deviataikina and Alia Gheita, Love Me Tinder opens itself up to a public viewing for an evening and the beginning of the artists’ thesis show.

According to the press release, which kind of acts like a short inverse advert for a dating website, the exhibition takes as its metaphor and spirit the way we date now; the informal, instantly gratifying nature of hookup culture and the new kind of love that we want.

Craving a sense of this instant gratification brings forth also the works of Cherry Lazar, Timothy Schweizer, Laurence Sturla and Julia Wiese.

See the FB event page for more.**