Jack Tan @ Arebyte, May 3 – Jun 26

, 2 May 2016

Jack Tan is doing an eight-week residency, Law’s Imagination, at London’s Arebyte gallery, opening May 3 and running to June 26.

The London-based artist’s curatorial research project will explore “collective understandings of the intersection between law and art” through a series of exhibitions of sculpture, video, text and performance, as well as discussions, talks and curated walks.

The “jurisgenerative aspects” of the two fields, particularly the role of creative processes in making legal or artistic judgments, will surface in a “performance and arbitrarian event”  called ‘Karaoke Court’,  ‘Packed Lunch’ weekly music and chat show, a mock training course to qualify as a ‘Certified Legal Aesthetician’, and an “exhibition-making as symposium” day called ‘Care Acts’, named after the 2014 law reform, throughout the two-month period.

Fellow artists Flora Parrott and Marco Godoy will also contribute their own ‘mini-residencies’ and open studio exhibitions as part of the Law’s Imagination programme.

See the Arebyte gallery website for details.**

Jack Tan, Karaoke Court Coat of Arms, '2015'. Courtesy the artist + ICA, Singapore.
Jack Tan, Karaoke Court Coat of Arms (2015). Courtesy the artist + ICA, Singapore.