Kitty Clark @ Public Exhibitions, Apr 27 – Jun 3

, 26 April 2016

London-based artist Kitty Clark will present solo show Humans Unite at Public Exhibitions, opening April 27 and running June 3.

The exhibition, which takes form in two parts: an online piece and a physical show in the space hosts a new series of works that address, according to the press release, “futile desires and contemporary anxiety [that belong to] the transhuman ideal of remodeling and enhancing the body” with things that might radically transform human intellectual physical and emotional capabilities. 

In the space will be a severed animatronic hand of a silicone love doll incessantly tapping one finger, and a stomach breathing peacefully in spite of the screws that hold it down, for example, while the accompanying text prefaces the show with a short bullet point-based story about bugs and their human ‘adopters’. 

Clark has recently shown work in group shows, Difference and Repetition in Bari and in A British Art Show at New York’s Meyohas.

See the Public Exhibitions website for details.**