SHACKLE ME NOT group show, Apr 13 – May 7

, 11 April 2016

The SHACKLE ME NOT group show presented by Oslo’s Molecules In Motion —a collaboration between Katinka Traaseth and Peter J. Amdam —in a space on Gange-Rolvs street, opens April 13 and runs May 7.

Featuring the likes of Petra Cortright and Asher Penn, the press releases discusses a current “complexification, or re-vitalization of the now stale Wildean cliché of ‘life imitating art’.” It notes the “lifelike blurs” between some contemporary artists and their Instagram accounts and social media presences. The text talks about painting having a “joyous rebirth” in this context: “It seems perfect for that kind of colorful and breezy mediating that caters to the qualities of the touchpad”, for example.

Expect, then, in this group show —which also includes artists Matteo Callegari, Emil M. Klein, Austin Lee, Michael Manning and Brand New Gallery artist Joe Reihsen —to depict lives, or modes of living, that enjoy, ‘like’, and immerse in these images long before they are even finished or are nowhere near the artist studio’s exit door.

See the FB event page for more details.**