Oreet Ashery Revisiting Genesis launch, Apr 13

, 11 April 2016

London-based artist Oreet Ashery presents Revisiting Genesis, a new web-series commissioned by Stanley Picker Gallery and launching April 13.

The 12-part series will be released an episode-at-a-time here, across twelve weeks and will relate to the artist’s current exhibition installed in the London space.

The work by Ashery, who recently presented a solo show for ICA’s 2015 Fig-2 series,  follows people who are actively preparing for death, who with the help of nurses create biographical slideshows to serve as their posthumous digital legacy. Later in the narrative, an artist, Genesis, who is “dying symbolically and otherwise”, requests this treatment from the nurse, who puts together a similar slideshow, which draws from elements of Ashery’s own autobiography, and suggests that it might not be Genesis who is vanishing, but the socio, economic and educational structures she has relied on.

Revisiting Genesis conjures understanding and reflection on the context of death, dying, afterlife and withdrawal in digital conditions.

See the Stanley Picker website for more details.**