Adam Thirlwell + Philippe Parreno @ Picturehouse Central, Apr 7

, 5 April 2016

A performance lecture by British novelist Adam Thirlwell with live interruptions from Paris-based artist Philippe Parreno is happening at London’s Picturehouse Central on April 7.

Hosted by Serpentine Cinema, the lecture will be followed by a screening of Venom and Eternity (1951), a film by poet, critic and artist Isidore Isou who intentionally disconnected sound and image —the latter being manipulated, bleached and scratched —and who famously attended the Cannes Film Festival, not having been invited, to show the 1951 film.

Thirwell’s lecture will act as a montaged survey of montage found throughout history in film, art, music, poetry, etc.. As the press release states, “you name it”, he’ll cover it, which feels like the type of narrative he produces in recent novels Lurid and Cute and Politics, The Escape. The lecture will be interrupted by conversations with Parreno, who is currently represented by London’s Pilar Corrias.

The press release talks about the format of the event: “it’s possible that not only will future art works need to develop wild varieties of interruption but also that one particularly useful mode of interruption might be collaboration itself”.

See the Serpentine website for details.**

Isidore Isou, Amos (1953)
Isidore Isou, ‘Amos’ (1953).