Therapy Session @ TENT, Mar 24

, 23 March 2016

TENT in Rotterdam hosts event Therapy Session with contributions by artists Amy Suo Wu and Anna Zett on March 24.

The evening comes as part of the group exhibition currently on show, Spending Quality Time With My Quantified Self featuring Wu and Zett amongst others, which looks at how we visualise and ‘install’ the data of our performances and ourselves —from alone voiceovers to underwater works that avoid making trace in favour of immersion in the sensory.

In Therapy Session Amy Suo Wu will talk about her work ‘TLTRNW’ and the origin and effects of text fragmentation and text reduction as influenced by digitisation.

There will also be a screening of Anna Zett’s work ‘Circuit Training’, a video that shares the same name as Zett’s show at Banner Repeater earlier this year, which examines the alternation between rest and action, as well as a ‘water concert’ by Tomoko Sauvage and a performance-lecture on installed work ‘Nothing Really Matters’, by Miloš Trakilović.

The curators of the show will ‘moderate’ the evening, so the press release adds —an apt phrase for an evening of therapy.

See the TENT Rotterdam website for more details.**

Anna Zett, 'Circuit Training' (2015). Video still. Courtesy the artist.
Anna Zett, ‘Circuit Training’ (2015). Video still. Courtesy the artist.