Closer to home than you could’ve… @ Chalton Gallery, Mar 23

, 21 March 2016

Closer to home than you could’ve ever imagined is an evening of video screenings by various artists presented at London’s Chalton Gallery on March 23.

The event, which is curated by Erik Martinson, will bring together works from a relatively broad time period that touch upon the structure of communication between sender and receiver, care-giver and care seeker. Employing the medium of video to talk about this, the press release suggests “sometimes signals aren’t received, and sometimes they aren’t even sent”.

With works from the likes of New York-based collaborative duo Duke and Battersby (Cooper Battersby and Emily Vey Duke) —whose dedicated video practice explores the nature of verbal and non-verbal expression, bonds and mutual understanding —the program will consider “selves conveying and not conveying their needs, frustrations, and defiance” as well as what can be implicit or inner in art making.

Other works in Closer to home… include videos by Thirza Cuthand, Deirdre Logue, Steve Reinke and Leslie Supnet, whose works ‘Amethyst Visions‘ and ‘gains + losses’ will be played.

See the FB event for more details**