FAULTS @ AALA Gallery, Mar 12

, 11 March 2016

Aria Dean is presenting Talking Heads: FAULTS to open the West Hollywood exhibition, curated by Long Island creative platform and project space Auto Body, at LA’s AALA Gallery on March 12.

The artist has invited contributors to take part in readings, presentations, video works, performances, and conversations addressing the theme of social and environmental catastrophe that the show-at-large also alludes to.

The event takes the apparently inevitable and overdue earthquake — often referred to as the ‘Big One’ — set to erupt along California’s San Andreas Fault as a starting point. Participating artists and collectives include Nicolas Bermeo & Jon Weisburst, Hannah Black, Brandon Drew Holmes and Encyclopedia Inc. who are asked to consider “faults, locations of a rubbing against each other of two masses, two bodies.”

Other contributors include  Nikita Gale, Nilo Goldfarb, Jos Howard Demme, Jasmine Nyende, Bogosi Sekhukhuni and Casey Silverstein, while the announcement warns, “There will be pdfs.”

See the FB event page for details.**