Fengler – Geelen – Taccetti @ Cinnnamon, March 5 – 26

, 7 March 2016

Cinnnamon in Rotterdam is hosting group show, Fengler – Geelen – Taccetti, the three surnames of the exhibiting artists, opening March 5 and running March 26.

Berlin-based Katharina Fengler, according to the short exhibition text, will have the walls, where “eyes trace marks”, Paul Geelen will have the floor, “where slugs leave their traces”, and Santiago Taccetti, the ceiling, where particles swirl -“escapees of gravity”.

Fengler is also showing in another three-person exhibition, It’s There But It’s Not There at Berlin’s Scotty Enterprises, which runs concurrently and includes Andreas Gloël and Ani Schulze.

The exhibition looks at feelings of longing as a place, an image, a plain, a surface and a projection.

The press release discusses briefly the work of each artist in relation to the creation and embodiment of longing. 16mm film evokes the ‘real’ possibility of preserving the ephemeral and soon to be lost, in an event headed by Fengler’s half-bitten Twix bar.

See the Cinnnamon and Scotty Enterprises webpage for more details on both shows.**

Katharina Fengler, Eddie Bernays #4 (2014). Courtesy the artist

Katharina Fengler, ‘Eddie Bernays #4’ (2014). Courtesy the artist.