Again! Again! Again! @ La MaMa Galleria, Jan 31

, 29 January 2016

An evening of curated performances called Again! Again! Again! is on at New York’s La MaMa Galleria on January 31.

Featuring performances by Jessica Posner and Isaac Pool of maybe, Sara Grace Powell and Sophia Le Fraga, the event plays with “reiteration, rehearsal, or restaging”, exploring repetition as a transformative force; “of saying something insistently, once more”.

The night –that was originally scheduled for January 24 but postponed due to extreme weather in New York –will open with a “slippery interpretation” of  Simone Forti’s ‘Cloth’ (1967) by maybe called ‘Clothes’ (2016), a PowerPoint performance by Powell as ‘Kelsea Wollffllotterr’, C.E.O. and spokesmodel of Develocorp and a translation of Jean Tardieu’s ‘Underground Lovers’ by Le Fraga, an “anti-play” that unfolds entirely on Twitter called ‘UND3RGR0UND L0V3R5’.

See the NYPAC website for details.**