Carla Gannis @ TRANSFER, Jan 23 – Mar 12

, 22 January 2016

Carla Gannis‘s solo exhibition A Subject Self-Defined is on New York’s TRANSFER, opening January 23 and running to March 12.

The NYC-based artist addresses “issues of branded identity; age and body estimation; catastrophe culture; and online agency via static, dynamic and interactive “selfie” imagery”, through self-portraiture  inspired by women artists who turn the camera away from the male gaze and onto their own image.

Presenting work across media, the exhibition utilises a range of technologies including drawing, painting, animation, social media and augmented reality to interrogate Gannis’ perplexed interest in “subjecthood and self-definition in relationship to the ‘personal’ when performed publicly.”

Ed’s note: the exhibition opening date has been changed to January 30. 

See the TRANSFER gallery website for details.**

Carla Gannis, Part of 15 Folds “SEX” Thread: “Autoeroticomplete”. Courtesy the artist