Maximilian Schmoetzer @ Ashley Berlin, Jan 20

, 19 January 2016

Bird of the Year 2022 is a video and installation by Maximilian Schmoetzer that it will be presented at Ashley Berlin on January 20.

Like the press release of Schmoetzer’s recent solo show, A rare bird in Estonia at Kunstihoone in Tallinn, the accompanying text for Bird of the Year 2022 points to his use of narrative and metaphor to weave together and describe small and ungraspable moments.

It talks about elation, anticipation, boredom, imagination and being awarded “Bird of the Year, 2022”.

“A skydive across the English Channel, a leap off Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, a plunge from the Taipei Tower in Taiwan, or a free fall from the edge of space, like any of these, this was a grand drift migration of the mind.”

The work was also included as part of Transmediale‘s Vorspiel 2016 programme in Berlin.

See the FB Event for more details**

Maximilian Schmoetzer, 'Preliminary Material for 2022' (2015). Video Still.
Maximilian Schmoetzer, ‘Preliminary Material for 2022’ (2015). Video Still.