Leeds Weirdo Club @ Headingley HEART, Jan 19

, 19 January 2016

Leeds Weirdo Club is presenting an artist talk at Leeds’ Headingley HEART on January 19.

Organised by the Kendra Howard and Isobel Adderley-founded student art collective A R T U R N, the conversation will follow the past, present and future of the Leeds Weirdo Club “shared self storage unit” that includes artists Harry Meadley, David Steans, Matthew Crawley and recent initiate Doug Bowen.

The group published their Leeds Weirdo Club Annual 2014 and describes itself as a ‘club’ not in the formal sense of the word but more “an anomalous art institution”. Structurally flexible and generative, they describe their collective concerns as ones that will continue to “mutate and expand organically”.

See the A R T U R N website for details.**

Harry Meadley, 'LEVEL 1' (2013). Image courtesy of Paradise Row, London.
Harry Meadley, ‘LEVEL 1’ (2013). Image courtesy of Paradise Row, London.