Sarah Meyohas @ 303 Gallery, Jan 8 – 20

, 7 January 2016

Sarah Meyohas is presenting a performance at New York’s 303 Gallery on January 8.

The artist, who has a background in international relations and who created the cryptocurrency, BitchCoin, will be trading stocks on the New York Stock Exchange directly from the space throughout the month. Meyohas will give a talk on financial markets surrounded by blank canvases to open and over the following two weeks will record their shifts, affected by her trading, on these surfaces with oil stick, which will then be unveiled on January 20.

In addition, 20 unique books made by Meyohas with gold-nanoparticle paint will be made available for purchase from 303 Gallery.

See the 303 gallery website for more details and performance times.**

Sarah Meyohas, Speculation, the first image to back BitchCoin. Courtesy Sarah Meyohas
Sarah Meyohas,’ Speculation’ (2015), the first image to back BitchCoin. Courtesy Sarah Meyohas.