Spiros Hadjidjanos @ Neumeister Bar-Am, Nov 28 – Feb 6

, 27 November 2015

Spiros Hadjidjanos is presenting a solo exhibition at Berlin’s Neumeister Bar-Am, opening November 28 and running to February  6, 2016.

Three-dimensional depth map sculptures drawing on “the formal relationship of both the photographic negative and the binary relationship between cast and mould” will populate the site-specific networked installation, taking over the entire building and exploring “the mutability of symbolism held in form” in dialogue with its architecture.

The work is the result of the artist’s research into the relationship between art history and photography, specifically the long-standing and ongoing influence of art on photography and photos of greek ornaments from the ‘New Objectivity’ movement of the late 20s.

See the Neumeister Bar-Am website for details.’**

Spiros Hadjidjanos, 'Displaced (Smartphone)' (2014).
Spiros Hadjidjanos, ‘Displaced (Smartphone)’ (2014).