Pilvi Takala @ Helsinki Contemporary, Nov 26 – Jan 10

, 26 November 2015

Helsinki Contemporary launches a new solo exhibition by Pilvi Takala titled Invisible Friend and running at the art space from November 26 to January 10, 2016.

Takala (who we reviewed back at Frieze 2013) presents two works for her latest show: the Invisible Friend SMS-service and a video piece titled ‘Workers Forum’, both created out of her own experience with a “free text message service for anyone who wants to have an anonymous, personal conversation with someone who will always reply”.

“The video is based on a discussion forum for people working on the service, in which I also took part”, writes Takala. “The actual job of being an imaginary partner was interesting, but the conversations between the workers about what being an imaginary partner means were at least equally interesting. The conversations in the forum reflected a need to take responsibility for another person in a situation in which that was virtually impossible.”

See the exhibition page and the exhibition website for details. **

Pilvi Takala, 'Drive With Care' (2013). Installation view. Courtesy of the artist + Carlos/Ishikawa, London.
Pilvi Takala, ‘Drive With Care’ (2013). Installation view. Courtesy of the artist + Carlos/Ishikawa, London.