Lars TCF Holdhus + Victor Robyn @ Cell Project Space, Nov 12

, 11 November 2015

Artist-producer Lars TCF Holdhus and designer Victor Robyn are launching C0 FE E2 57 4E E1 77 78 1E B7 C5 ED 25 0C F5 22 at London’s Cell Project Space for one night only on November 12.

The event is a collaborative work looking at export control issues around computer code and cryptography in a contemporary cybernetic society. Taking the illegal shipping of Joel Furr and James Back’s t-shirts containing “everything you needed to encrypt a piece of information with the use of Perl programming language” in 1996, Holdus and Robyn will present their own encoded merchandise for sale on the night.  

As the US and the UK are calling for the regulation of cryptography by banning any “means of communication” which “we cannot read”, C0 FE E2 57 4E E1 77 78 1E B7 C5 ED 25 0C F5 22 aims to confront its audience with “the fine line between control and freedom”.

See the Cell Project Space website for details.**