Becket Flannery @ Full Haus, Nov 12 – Jan 17

, 11 November 2015

LA-based artist Becket Flannery opens an exhibition titled I I i, running at LA’s Full Haus from November 12 to January 17.

Flannery’s work tends to move between painting, sculpture and writing, and his latest show begins to the symbolic photograph in the New York Times of a beefy guy in a Captain America costume being hoisted skywards by a massive crowd celebrating the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Being held up by a “crowd-qua-pedestal” gathered to dance on Bin Laden’s grave aka the mass graves of the World Trade Center, the image is absurd, almost cartoonish. “[F]or the fanboy in the photograph,” the press release writes, “it’s the cosplay opportunity of the decade.”

See the Facebook exhibition page for details. **

Becket Flannery, 'Phelps Walk' print (2014). Unlimited edition.
Becket Flannery, ‘Phelps Walk’ print (2014). Unlimited edition.