Hanne Lippard: Speaking in Public/Public Speaking

, 3 November 2015

“When listening while speaking one might discover what one is actually saying”, says artist Hanne Lippard in this interview-slash-performative text presentation, ‘Speaking in Public/ Public Speaking’, for this latest aqnb/Video in Common collaboration. The Berlin-based artist is informed by an upbringing in Norway, Sweden, Holland, Germany, speaking and understanding languages from those four regions, plus more, as a person. As an artist, however, Lippard works primarily in English, in an art practice that concentrates on language, taken from text and then performed in what she calls an interest in language that is very ‘dissected’, and ‘split’, and ‘everywhere.

Recently in London to perform a work loosely based on The Ssecret to SsucceSs iSs in the Ss-eSs for the Ariel 2.0 programme at Bold Tendencies, Lippard took time out to talk about her language-as-art performance. That particular live presentation had the artist playing ringtone remixes and reading to two “Nordic walkers” circling and looping her at a laptop in the converted car park. The video above meanwhile, goes further into examining the rhythm, melody and dispersed meaning of words when actually spoken. **


Produced in partnership with Video in CommonThis project has been made possible through the generous support of Arts Council England.