Austin Charles Williams @ a.m. London, Oct 23

, 23 October 2015

Austin Charles Williams is presenting solo show Pale Reflection (No Friends but the Mountains) at London’s a.m. at All Hallows Church, on October 23.

Coming at the end of a research trip in Iraqi-Kurdistan, the video work by Williams is accompanied by a text piece by writer Daniel Neofetou describing it as a piece that never attempts to “stabilise [the author’s] viewpoint as omniscient”. Instead, “each shot is clearly mediated, whether that’s because the shadow of Williams and his camera is evident in the frame; because the shot is through the window of a moving car; or simply because the saccadic movements leave little doubt that the camera ‘eye’ is anything other than a corporeal ‘I’.”

“It’s spectacular.

It’s peaceful.
It’s joyful. 
Article 62
Sun disk of 21 rays

It tells me:
Go, cross over me.
Grow up:

Doesn’t carry even the smallest load.” 

See the Facebook event page for details.