CAPTURE screening event @ Evelyn Yard, Oct 22

, 21 October 2015

Spectrum is hosting a screening called CAPTURE at London’s Evelyn Yard on October 22.

Guest curated by Whitechapel Gallery Film Curator Gareth Evans, the event will present the work of Jamie Jenkinson, Sasha Litvintseva and You QI, as well as a guest artist Cordelia Swann, in a survey of moving images that seek to highlight how “image is physically restrained within the frame, mirroring our own visual perspective and the frames of other image producing media”.

The survey examines the consumption of images within cinema, film photography and digital photography, and explores sentient experience and personal histories within broader notions of “nostalgia, familiarity and cultural memory”.

See the Facebook event page for details.**   

Gif by Sasha Litvintseva.